There is a wide range range of possibilities... Currently implemented in GuttenBase are the following tools:

  • CheckSchemaCompatibilityTool: Check for compatibility between source and target data base. I.e., check for tables, columns and if the column types can be mapped.
  • DefaultTableCopyTool: Copy tables using the default algorithm. Basically read data in chunks from source, transform them and write batches of INSERT statements to the target data base. The number of rows and data items per batch/commit is configurable.
  • SplitByRangeTableCopyTool: Same functionality, but splits the data by some given range, usually the primary key. I.e., the data is read in chunks where those chunks are split using the ID column range of values.
  • CheckEqualTableDataTool: Check two schemas for equal data where the tool takes a configurable number of sample data from each table.
  • ScriptExecutorTool: Execute SQL statements in various ways
  • ReadTableDataTool: Read data from table(s) and return them in a map
  • AbstractSequenceUpdateTool: Some data bases support sequences. After migration the sequences must be updated to a new current value
  • CreateSchemaTool: Create DDL script from existing schema